Monday, August 2, 2010

A Plumeria for me!

Last week our friends who live a couple blocks away went on vacation and yesterday they brought me back this wonderful treat! It's a Scarlet Lavender Plumeria.
I have never had one of these before. A couple of weeks ago I was tempted to buy a tiny one at the Temecula farmer's market but they are expensive and I wasn't sure about how to take care of it. I know the stems come after the flowers bloom, so you have to fertilize it to get flowers, but other than that I know nothing!

It says on the tag...bright light, but what does that mean? Bright light here is 100 degrees or more in the summer. .Do I put it in a pot and see where it likes it? Do I put it in the ground...who you know...I could sure use some advice! I will go research it on-line, but if any of you gardeners know anything about this plant, I can use the help. I know one thing...the flowers smell wonderful and I don't know when it's supposed to bloom, but I can't wait!


Cyndi said...

Linda, my brother-in-law in Florida has those - he calls them Frangipani. They are wonderful trees. He has them planted in the ground and they make a good-sized tree. He gave me a start of one and I brought it back here to Ohio and kept it in a pot. I left it out in it's pot in the summer and of course had to bring it in in the winter. I just watered it and gave it some Miracle Grow every now and then, and it bloomed and grew quite nicely. It eventually got too large (and heavy) to bring in and out, so I had to give it to someone with a green house. But you probably don't get much cold weather, do you? Florida only gets cold weather in January and February, but that's about it. You could probably plant it in the yard and it would do nicely. Good luck - they are wonderful plants and the flowers do smell so nice. (Actually, I think those are what they make Leis from in Hawaii!)



Jules said...

Palms definitely like being outdoors in warmer climates. Since you're in or near Temecula, you shouldn't have any problems putting it in the ground. If and when it freezes in the winter, be sure to drape a sheet (old bed sheets are commonly used here in FL when we have hard freezes) over it to protect it from getting frost bite! Other than that, plenty of sunshine and water will keep it healthy!!

Farmchick said...

What a wonderful treat for you. I hope you have some luck growing it. I have no suggestions for raising it :(

DoanLegacy said...

Beautiful plant! I have no idea how to grow it either..

LDH said...

Several years ago, we went to the Philadelphia Flower Show and I bought what looked like s cut stick. It was Plumeria and the instructions were to plant it and it would send forth leaves and roots. Nothing happened and I was so disappointed as the plant is very beautiful. Hope yours does well!