Friday, August 13, 2010

Thanks Leighanne!

This bloggy world has been wonderful to me. I have had some wonderful conversations with some lovely ladies and now this...some how Leighanne Calloway , who doesn't have a blog, but read mine, is a friend of my sister's. She read that I love to do red work. Her Mom had these kits from Better Homes and Gardens tucked away, still in the mailing envelope from very long ago, and Leighanne gave them to my sister, Debbie, to give them to me!
Thanks Leighanne!! That was so sweet of you! I will start on these soon hopefully. I have two wing back chairs in my living room that have been needing new pillows and I think these will be perfect on them.

It was a pretty morning, so of course I had to be outside. I do love to be outside! Today I gardened for a bit in my front yard and I think for this time of year it is looking pretty happy. That is probably due to the fact that we have had a mild summer here. It's been in the high 80's to low 90's most of the summer and for us here...that's wonderful! This is part of the front of my house. I was standing in the middle of my lawn and I thought it looked nice today.

Don put this basket up for me last month. We have had the basket for years. It used to be on the fence in the back yard. We took it down when we put in our birch trees and I have been looking for a place to use it again. I think it looks great here. Once the potato vine gets longer and covers the straw, it will be better. I like the dark purple against my brown house. The picture makes my house look a lot lighter than it is, but it's about the color of milk chocolate.

Here's a closeup of some of the flowers that are so happy right now. I have a lot of zinnias. They are a wonderful summer flower in my parts.

A yellow zinnia and blue salvia. I love blue and yellow together.

Some more pink zinnias and a bit of red salvia in the corner. I have no idea what the yellow ones are. I bought a pony pack at Target this Spring and forgot to save the tag.

Here is my gardening partner, Snickers. She lives next door.

This is just something that struck me as very funny this morning...this man, who would probably be very embarrassed if he knew I took his picture, jogs everyday in this silly hat. He live a few houses away. I was out taking flower pictures and in a very silly moment I snapped his picture as he slowed down. Maybe I should get one of those for gardening....nah!
Have a wonderful day!


Yvette said...

Those will make great pillows!

You are so right, this summer has been wonderful. I see we are going to start getting some real heat and I want to cry. LOL!

Now tell me where that Sonic is!

Terry said...

Your flowers all look great! Love that hat! LOL

Kris said...

Oh your yard does look wonderful! Our grass is suffering but more due to the fact that we need to redo the sprinkler systems. I hate having to ration our water. How nice of your sisters friend to give you those redwork kits. The blogging community is wonderful.
Have a great weekend.
PS love your wool projects too!

Judy S. said...

Those will make great pillows! Does your potato vine grow all year? I love their color but haven't ever tried one.

Cyndi said...

How nice of Leighanne! Those pillows are going to be lovely!

Your yard looks fabulous, Linda! Honestly, everything here has burnt up and it's a chore to just keep the hydrangeas, hostas, and roses watered. The rest of my flowers are ka-putt! :o(

Snickers sure is cute...maybe he/she is "snickering" at the man with the silly hat! LOL!!!



CIELO said...

Linda, I just sent my fairies over to your garden, so pay close attention... perhaps you'll see them frolicking through the trees with your gnomes... I hope they'll behave... ;) ;)



Kathleen said...

I love your pictures The flowers are really pretty and the man with the tiny sun umbrella on his head may not be as silly as he looks. Nah, he definitely look silly no doubt about it!

Farmchick said...

Your yard does look fabulous. I love the guy in the hat.

Cindy said...

Hi Linda,
Your yard looks gorgeous! I love the potato vine in the basket, it looks wonderful there.
I have been on the swinging bridge that you mentioned that you were on in BC, Canada. I guess we do have several of them here in Canada. We saw another one just yesterday while visiting in Ontario. Perhaps we could be known as the "Land of the Swinging Bridges". Thanks for your lovely comment. Hope you will return.
Hugs, Cindy S

Annette said...

You have a very beautiful yard! Have fun with your stitcheries. That was so nice that they were given to you.

Anonymous said...

Great pillow to do! Love the guy's hat!

EG Wow said...

Interesting jogging hat, that's for sure! Probably not so great for your garden hat, though, as it might clash with your lovely flowers.

It's wonderful that the red-work kits have been passed on to someone who appreciates them!

Olga said...

What fun craft kits you got. Share you work with us when it's finished. Your yard looks beautiful. And what an adorable wall basket. I should get something like that for my yard too. Pretty flowers and the doggy is such a darling.
have a great day