Sunday, August 8, 2010

Batter up....

Last night Don's brother and three boys drove out from Pasadena to our house for dinner and some minor league baseball. We live right in the middle of two minor league stadiums and since Don is a huge baseball fan, we take in an occasional game. The Quakes are our favorite because they are part of the Angels organization.
The boy scouts present the colors and we all stand and sing The Star Spangled Banner.

Here's Aftershock, she's one of the team mascots.

This is Sam. He was very thrilled about having me take his picture, especially in public, but he's 14...what does he know?

Donovan is enjoyed his Dippin have to have a bowl of those at the game!

Tremor thought it would be a good idea to pose with Gus! Tremor is quite a character!

Meeting at the mound...the game was now tied.

Oh...I don't think Don and Phil agreed with that call.

The game was over...the Quakes won in the bottom of the ninth 6-5. And now for some fireworks....

Everyone enjoyed the game...the home team won...and fireworks!
The perfect Saturday night!


Kris said...

Fun! Love baseball!!!

Farmchick said...

That looks like such a good time!