Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Outdoor Wednesday San Diego style...

My sons had the day off today, so I packed up the car with goodies for them, and drove the 90 minute drive down to San Diego to visit them. I love San Diego and can totally see why they went down there to college and never returned.
Of course as soon as I arrived, they were hungry. What can I say...they're guys... and they are always hungry! We went to one of their local favorites. It's called Lucha Libre and it's decorated with everything Mexican wrestling. We talked to the owner and he said that they were to be featured on Man vs Food tonight. It's quite a cool place and the food is wonderful. Did I mention that all the food was named after wrestling too...I had the "Tap Out " taco. It's huge and wonderful. One of these and you are tapped out!

Our plans were to go to dog beach today. We thought Lola would love that, but it was much to cold to do that, so after we ate, we headed over to Balboa Park. This is where the San Diego zoo is located, as well as many museums. Most of the museums' buildings were built in 1915, for the Worlds Fair. The buildings themselves are works of art!

Here are my sons, Joseph and Stephen, trying to decide whether we should cut across the canyon or walk up amongst the buildings. I had to sneak the shot, they hate posing for pictures.

We decided to walk amongst the buildings and I'm glad we did. Here is a huge statue of a Spanish Conquistador. The boys tell me that if the horses leg is held up, the soldier was victorious.

We walked by a large water area where there were so many water lilies in every color imaginable.

And fish! Aren't they cute.

Here is a huge botanical garden building we visited. Inside was incredible, only its not really inside. It is made like a huge cage, so the rain will come right through. Inside it is meant to act like a jungle canopy and it does.

Here are just some of the beautiful orchids and plants that awaited us. I will post more of the flowers tomorrow.

We decided to end our day by visiting the Museum of Art. They had several rooms in there with artists from the 1300-1800's from America, France, Italy and Russia. It was interesting to see how the styles evolved through the centuries and how different each country's styles were. We had our favorite and it was an American painter with a painting called "Cranberry Harvest". I forgot to write down the artist's name, but it was painted in 1776. I couldn't take pictures inside so I have nothing to show except the building. This was one of the few buildings built after the World's Fair.
I had a great day as usual, visiting my sons. I will go back in a week or two and maybe then it will be warm enough to take Lola to the beach!


Kris said...

Looks like a beautiful day!!

Jules said...

Ah, San Diego! I miss that town. Balboa is such a beautiful part of the city. Old Town is another great place to visit - well, at least it was back in the 1990s when I lived there. Thanks for sharing your visit.

Sharon said...

I enjoyed my visit there a long time ago. You certainly have to great looking sons. I can see why you spoil them. LOL Looks like great fun was had by all.

deb said...

wow I never knew that part of Balboa Island existed, that building is amazing and I guess I need to spend a day down are awesome!!!

teresa said...

Wow, what great photos and so nice you got to spend the day with your sons. These days are soooo special. Looks so beautiful there.