Saturday, March 19, 2011

We're off!!

It's early morning...heck, it isn't even morning...more like the middle of the night, and I'm here to say I will be gone for a little while....Don and I are off to Spring Training!! This is a much anticipated event in our house...we are a baseball family!!
I'll be back next week...with lots of pictures of our trip...until then, my friends!!!


Yvette said...

Go Dodgers!

Susan said...

Enjoy your adventure.

Your Linus blanket turned out well. As soon as we get to NC I plan to try my hand at Swedish Weaving. Your blankets are an inspiration.

Your yard looks lovely. Great idea with the pots. I could fix a few of them for the rental house and they could move with us when the other house is finished.........Thanks for the idea.

Farmchick said...

Have a great time!

Kris said...

Have fun. Go Dodger Blue!!!

Dayle said...

We were there last year for spring training. So much fun. Enjoy!