Friday, March 25, 2011

Spring Training...Day Three...

The saddest phrase a baseball fan can hear is,"The game has been rained out"...and that's exactly what happened to the Dodger is especially sad when you have traveled almost 400 miles just for baseball! We kind of knew this was going to happen..the weather report before we left said 60% chance of rain...but the residents of Arizona told us..."Don't really doesn't rain in Arizona!" Yeah...right! It rained all right!

But we went anyway...just on the off chance it wasn't raining too hard here. This is Camelback Ranch in was about 40 miles from our hotel in Tempe.The Dodgers share this stadium with the White Sox...we're not Dodger fans, but like I said before...we like to visit all the stadiums...See as many as we can...and we had two games planned for this day!

A friendly and I will add...Angel fan... was brave enough to take our picture...this is where our seats were...pretty darn good seats too...right down the third base line!

Since we couldn't do anything out doors, we decided to try a hamburger place we heard about at one of the's right down the street from ASU...a local hang out I assumed. It is called Chuck Box...since it was raining pretty hard and by now I was pretty wet I just took a photo of the sign...and I was under some cover! I also forgot to take pictures of our burgers...they were pretty good and I was hungry! They prepare them right in front of you as you wait and then you add what you want...there's a big condiment bar with lettuce, pickles, tomatoes, onions, name was tasty!

Game two was a night game and stopped raining by then. I'm so glad we decided on this game because we heard that the two other stadiums that had night games called the games because it was just too wet on the fields. We had decided on this game before we left is at in Peoria at the home of the Padres.

It was really cold out for a baseball game...even the man who sat next to me remarked how cold it was and he was from Chicago! His son was signed to the minor league Padre team and so they were all here to watch the Padres. We sat right near the White Sox dug out though...and had a great time!

It is a very pretty field...of course I think most base ball fields in Arizona are pretty!

The color guard was there to present the flag for the Star Spangled Banner...

Let's play ball!! This is Dallas McPherson...he was once an a back up 3rd baseman for the Sox...

Now it's the 7th inning stretch and we sing "Take Me Out to The Ballgame" and watch the Sonic was fun! The Smoothie won the race...Hot Dog came in a close second...Tater Tot finished last!

Doesn't Hot Dog look tired...he gave it his best! It was a fun game...the people sitting behind us were pretty funny...they were young teachers from San Diego who drove in just for one game!
Even though we had a rain out for one was a great day...we we worn out and didn't get back to the hotel until very for some sleep to prepare for another fun day of baseball in Arizona!
Enjoy your day, my friends!!


Farmchick said...

I can't believe the tater tot finished favorite thing at Sonic.

LindyLouMac in Italy said...

I know absolutely nothing about baseball and I am even hopeless at it on the Wii,so learning a little something from this series of posts. I love the gorgeous pink fuzzy flower.

Kris said...

What do you mean, you are not Dodger's Fans????? That is unamerican!!!