Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring Training...Day Two...

Day two of Spring Training found Phoenix a bit gloomy outside, but it was still beautiful. The temperatures was about 77 degrees at game time. We planned to see the newest ball park in the area, which opened just this year... so we left the hotel early, because we weren't sure exactly how to get there. Today we were going to see the Angels vs Rockies at the new Colorado facility in Scottsdale...Salt River Fields at Talking Stick...say that fast! guessed's on the Pima Indian's land and they built the well as a casino! So since we got there way early...we took a short drive to look around at the looked pretty typical inside, but the landscaping is what we were really interested in...
It was beautifully landscaped in all of Arizona's native plants...really pretty!

There were quite a few in bloom...which is so nice about March in Arizona...

This one was really pretty...sort of fuzzy...

These beauties are on the end of a very long thorny plant...we learned about these a couple years ago when we went to the botanical gardens in Phoenix...the Indians used to plant these to use as fencing to keep their live stock contained...they would sure work...they have very long spikes on them! But isn't the flower pretty!

This little baby Magpie kept sticking it's head out waiting for breakfast...we heard the parents close by...these guys are all over the area...and boy do they make a racket!

On to the game...and it was SOLD OUT! Boy were we glad we bought the tickets on-line at home before we left!

Not a fancy entrance, but nice...let's see what's inside...

Sunscreen right by the entrance...boy they think of everything!

What a beautiful field!

The big scoreboard...

Don found our seats...right behind home plate!

The coaches exchange line-ups...Let's play ball!!

What's this?? Mike Scioscia looks a bit mad...we didn't see what looked good to us...a long fly ball caught and the base runner was tagged out...good play by the Angels! Next thing we know....

You're outta here!!! Wow...that was quick! Apparently...we learned later...they gave the Rockies a run because even though the man tagged at 2nd base was the third out they ruled that the runner coming from 3rd tagged up and scored before the third out...I guess Mike didn't agree!!

The game goes on...the final score after 10 innings...6 to 6...a tie...yes...they tie in Spring Training...we don't want to wear those guys out before the season starts!

Off to dinner was a long game and we're hungry! We heard about Tee Pee from the desk clerks at our a local favorite where everyone who is anyone goes to eat...even President Bush ate there and his meal is now called The Presidential Special. I thought it would be something fancy, but it was cheese enchiladas. This place was packed...and the history! There were pictures all around the place of all the famous people who have eaten there...and yes...I know you want to know...Charlie Sheen ate there too! It certainly wasn't fancy...quite the opposite...the best kind!!

Don ordered a Chile Rellano...the waiter explained that there's was a bit different...more a soufflet...which a chile was huge!

But wait...there's more!! This is his second gotta have rice, beans and some warm tortillas...How's he ever going to eat all that!

I thought I was ordering grilled fish taco, rice and was a big taco! Delicious too!!
After that meal...we need to be rolled out of the place! We went back to the hotel to rest and get a good night's sleep...after all...watching baseball and eating is hard work and really tires you out!!
Stayed tuned tomorrow for another exciting Spring Training Day!!
Enjoy your day, my friends!!


Yvette said...

What a fabulous vacation! I love baseball!!

What's up with the Angel shirts???? Dodger Blue!

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

You guys look like you are having an awesome time! 77 degrees would be so great! The flower pictures you took are lovely, but I'll pass on the Mexican food!
Be safe!

Anonymous said...

Hey Linda, I enjoy traveling with you and Don, thanks for sharing these great photo's,looks like yall are havn' a wondeful time, and you know how I love a food photo, I'm so hungry now for some mexican food.
Be safe on your travels.

Farmchick said...

What a perfect, warm weather, and fish tacos!!!!

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

WOW! Linda this looks like the best day ever! My son's in-law live in Scottsdale, AZ,so I'll have to tell them about this restaurant and see if they ever went to a Rockies spring training game.

blessedmom's simple home said...

It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time :-) Back when Mike Scoscia was on the Dodgers (before I was married), I used to say that I should marry him, just so my name would be Marcia Scoscia :-)
Happy Belated Birthday to your son. He shares a birthday with my mom, who turned 85 the same day.