Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Cinco de Mayo

This morning my day started out like most mornings lately...gardening. I had a great batch of compost to spread around, so that's where I started. I love this old bucket, and I especially love it when it's filled with good smelly compost for my garden.

I picked up this Argyranthemum yesterday. It is called Spring Bouquet. I just love how the flowers are so many variations of colors. I had a great old pot in my shed, so it found a new home on my front porch, ready to greet my visitors.

My Hostas are starting to really get big!

Here are a few of the ones in my back yard.

This one is right next to some Lambs Ear.

The artichokes are getting big as well. I have one plant that is almost as tall as I am! I should get Don to take a picture of me standing next to it. This is our second year growing artichokes and they taste much better this year. I don't know if it's been the milder weather or just that the plants have matured. Whatever the case, we have been enjoying them!

I can't wait to taste my first tomatoes. These ones are getting quite large.
It got pretty warm early today, so I gardened only for a couple hours.
I'm off to sew now!!


Kris said...

Hi Linda. Your gardening skills are incredible! I too love a good batch of compost. Do you use a bin? Deb has raved about your yards. I sure hope to get to see them one day!!! Thank you for the info on the bear pattern. I will pick it up at Joanns this weekend.
Whatcha working on in the sewing room?

Maryrose said...

Hi Linda,
Looks like a great day in the garden. There is something about the smell of the garden...I rank it as one of my most favorites (weird I know) Those tomatos look wonderful. Do you think it is to late to put in a plant this year? There is nothing like home grown tomatos.
Thanks for visiting and nice to meet you.

glenni said...

compost and hostas, two of my favorite words.