Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Floxgloves are finally blooming...

When I got up this morning the sun was shining, although it was still on the cool side. If the sun is out... I must garden! That's a fact, I just can't help myself. I have been watching this foxglove in my backyard for a week or two. It is getting really big and now it is blooming. There are about 10 shoots on it although you can't see them in this picture. I moved a yellow one from another area yesterday and planted it next to this one because it wasn't doing very well. I think it was getting too much shade.

This one is on the side of my house and gets some sun and some shade. It is another pink one. I think all of the pink ones started blooming first this year. It's pretty tall and there is another one next to it, but it hasn't sent any shoots up yet.

These two are on the other side of my house in the front yard. The front one is yellow. It's a very pale yellow, like butter.As you can see, this area has been taken over by violas. I scatter the seeds all winter long when I dead head, and save them for next year as soon as it starts warming up. I collect all the viola seeds in a big bowl and then I start scattering them each Fall. I never know what colors will come up where. This year I got a ton of purple.

It is starting to cloud up again, but I wanted to get a shot of the mountains by my house to show the snow that fell over the weekend. You can see it is still there. It has been cool the past couple of days so it could stick around for a bit.

Here's another shot from my yard. That is Big Bear right out to the right. Our friends live up there and they said there was quite a bit of snow still from the weekend. That view is one of my favorite parts of my neighborhood.
Well, off to ride my bike!


Ranae said...

Pretty flowers and beautiful mountains, you are so lucky to live so close

deb said...

those foxgloves are stunning, I want to have some for next year, will you help me?