Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Pretties in my yard...

 It has been cold and rainy here this it is much warmer...its really pretty outside. I went out to feed the birds this morning... I noticed a couple little roses blooming...this is a miniature rose...from Trader Joes...I have these all over my yard ...I don't know much about roses...except that I like them...and a little of their care. These guys don't have to be trimmed down as much as big roses...some of them have big bunches of flowers on one tiny stem...right now...this one has a couple blooms...
 Right next to one of the bird feeders is this lilac...a California grows on a trellis and blooms all February long...I just noticed all the buds...well...its almost February!
 Here's a picture of the top of will be so pretty in just a little while!
 I also noticed that chives are starting to come back in the pot I grow them in...I have had these chives in this pot for years...over 10 years I think...its a good sized pot and they die back every winter...then start coming back up...I let them seed reason because the flowers are so pretty...another because then I don't ever have to plant them again! It will be nice to have fresh chives again. 
I have been working on this wool Valentine mat since Saturday...I started it at my sister's house as a fun sewing project with both of my sisters and a friend...I changed mine a little...I have just one more block and then sew all the blocks on and then back it...I have been doing this and other projects at once...I better get this one done...its almost February!
We went to Road to California and I had a nice time...but can you believe...I didn't take one picture! I guess I was having a nice was a rainy day...really crowded...but fun! I got a couple new patterns...I guess I should take some pictures and show you what I got...and a few fat quarters and half yards of a couple fabrics I just HAD to get...not sure what I'll make...but they're here when I am ready...I also bought a few ribbons and buttons...I have been sewing every day...gardening when the weather permits...trimming our huge apple tree...all sorts of excitement here!! 
Sunday we will have a booth at the Pasadena City College flea market...our second time...we will be in booth 384 if you happen to be in the is supposed to be a nice day in Pasadena on Sunday...70 degrees and partly cloudy...we are in the parking structure...just in case you drop by!!
Until next time...enjoy your day!!!


Our Neck of the Woods said...

Such pretty flowers! I absolutely love lilac! The blooms are so cute :)

Your Valentine mat is so nice and creative! Glad you had a good time in CA - must have been too busy having fun if you didn't take any photos haha.

Lottie said...

Linda, the roses are so beautiful! I have a pot with chives in it that I have had for years, too! Have a great day!

shez said...

love your garden Linda the rose is gorgeous the colour stunning and love your wool project,well done.xx

Kris said...

I clipped a few roses today too. Glad you had fun at Road. Good luck in Pasadena!!
xo Kris

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Your wool Valentine mat is lovely!

Siobhán said...

Lovely work on your Valentine mat! It's so pretty. All of the blooming flowers and plants are nice to see, too. DH & I were just saying that it's nice to see the days starting a bit brighter and longer each day now.

mountain mama said... looks like spring has sprung for you!!

love the colors of the mat! :)