Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Mothers Day fun...

 The Rose Bowl in Pasadena has a flea market once a month and we try to get over there 2 or 3 times a year if we can...this month it fell on Mothers Day...but that was OK...my youngest  son loves flea markets and everything old...so he and Anna met us up there. 
 I love all the activity in the front as you go in...

 This is Dennis...he was really nice...he works all the fairs...does balloon shapes for the kids too...that is a really tall bike...he would let anyone get up on it and take a picture...but I was a coward...it was really tall!
 Anna and I kept bumping into each other with our big hats!
 We took a peek inside to see how the renovation is going...they are really changing the place...
 The first Rose Bowl game was played in 1902...it holds 125,000 fans in here... amazing place...such history!
 I tried...I really tried to get a cute picture of Stephen and Anna...but he said he couldn't get close enough to her because of her big hat...not to mention he's a big goof!!
 After our looooong morning at the flea market...we went over to my sister's house...she made dinner and my Mom and niece was there...but silly me...I bought the camera...but didn't take a single picture except for this cute bird's nest on her front patio. Not a great picture...the eggs are actually a very light blue...but it was very high and I couldn't really see very well in there.
 I've been busy making more diaper bags...this is a custom order I made for a client in Central California...she wanted green and purple and butterflies...so this is what I came up with...there is a matching butterfly pocket on the other side too...and side pockets...I hope she likes it!
Here's a closeup of the butterfly...I couldn't believe how many shades of purple there are...luckily I had a few wool pieces that matched the more reddish purple in the fabric I chose...the inside is not quite a sold purple...and the cotton is so soft...it almost feels like silk...it was wonderful to sew on.
This morning was more gardening...and then Don made us both a nice lunch of chicken sandwiches and fruit salad...it's so nice having him home and feeling better! We get so much more done around here with two of us and frees up our afternoons for sewing...and he reads...he loves to sit out in the back and read and listen to baseball on the radio. I bought him XM radio receiver as a gift years ago...complete with a boom box to play outside on the back porch because they have all the baseball games...he will  listen to any and all of them! And the best part of it now is...a couple years back they offered us a lifetime fee...it was not too bad so we paid that and get it for life...or as long as they are around!
Now it's time to get busy on another custom diaper bag...this one is going to be simple...except I had to order rick rack on line and I can only get so much done until that comes...but I love buying things on the internet...I couldn't find any here...our local quilt shop closes at the end of the month..so with the price of gas and time...I can get what I want on-line...boy am I rambling today or what!!
Until next time...enjoy your day!!!


Olive Cooper said...

The bag is cute. I love the floppy hats.

Christine said...

That seems to have been a great day's fun at the Rose Bowl!
Love your new bag!
Best wishes

Anonymous said...

lovely post and i also love your big hats,how cute are those little eggs and well done on your bag finish its lovely.xx

Elaine @ Sunny Simple Life said...

I have never been there my whole entire life. It is on my list. Did you get anything good?

Beverly said...

I can't imagine more fun than spending Mother's Day at the Rose Bowl. I have not been in so long. Years ago, it was a must almost every month. I can't wear a hat, so I always apreciate them on someone else. Your and Anne's were fabulous.
I know your client will love that bag. So personalized with the hand stiched butterfly.
Always sorry to hear about a quilt store closing. Love to use Ric-Rac.

Judy Bigg said...

What fun to go to the Rose Bowl. Great hats too.

Sew Loquacious Angela said...

How fun! I did a little flea marketing myself today! What a great way to spend Mother's Day!
Love the hats and your bag!