Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day....

Today as we have our barbecues and picnics...let us not forget the reason we give honor to this day. I celebrate the fallen...the servicemen who gave us the freedoms we love so much by giving the ultimate sacrifice...their lives. I give special honor to my brother in law...Captain James Raycraft, who gave the ultimate sacrifice 41 years ago while serving in the United States Air live on in our hearts and in your daughter and grandchildren.

Until next time...enjoy your day...and thank a soldier while you're at it!!!

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Beverly said...

Hi Linda,
Hope you had a great Memorial Day. It was fun here, but like you I always like to remember and tell the kids what the day is really about.
I had to do some reading to catch up with you. Your new fire station is so nice. Those men and women work so hard, they deserve such a nice place. Love how they keep those engines so shiny too. No fire pole, huh?