Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Yesterday was the start of earth week and to honor Earth I decided a while ago to try and improve on the footprint I leave here on earth. Gardening is a large part of that. Today is a beautiful day in my neck of the woods. It is cool and cloudy and more rain is expected. I look forward to rain as a gardener because nothing does a better job to water and wash down the trees and shrubs than a rain shower. Living in such a dry area, rain is always welcomed by me.
My previous posts were all about my love of flowers, but I get much joy watching the edibles in my yard grow, as well as eating them. I have been adding peas to every meal lately because I have so many this spring. Does anyone know if you can serve peas with tacos?

These cucmbers had a tough time at first. I rescued them from Lowes 50% off table because they were 1/2 dead. I think they like their new home and soon I will have some delicious Japanese cucumbers!

I can't believe I have tomatoes already! These are a Yellow Globe. They are supposed to be salad size and it is the first time I have tried growing them. I have a Big Beef and of course cherry tomatoes, but I always like a yellow one in the mix. Last year I grew the yellow pear shaped ones which were a little too mild for my tastes.

Lettuce...no garden would be complete without leaf lettuce. It is so easy to grow and lasts and lasts all Spring long. We have been enjoying this batch for a couple of months now due to a early start.

This is the second year for my artichokes. We have been eating them several times a week for the last couple of weeks. I think the plants are so pretty and towards the end of the season we will let a couple go to flower. The flowers are quite beautiful.

Yes, the apples are on their way! I have a most bountiful apple tree that gives us fruit all summer long. We planted this tree our first summer here...26 years ago! In about July, Don and I will freeze dozens of pies to get us through all the fall and winter pot lucks.

I cannot really end without a picture of a flower. This is one of many rose bushes sprinkled throughout my yard. These beauties are just starting to bloom.


deb said...

your vegies look yummy!!!!!!! I always look foward to your apple crisp!!!!!

Sandy said...

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Good Luck,
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