Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Twelve days of Christmas...

The last few days I have been listening to a lot of Christmas music...I love to listen as I decorate, bake and sew this time of year...there are so many beautifully done songs out there...but today I wanted to share with you the true meaning of a very popular Christmas song...The Twelve Days of Christmas.
The Twelve Days of Christmas are actually the 12 days after December 25...the last day being January 6th or The Epiphany...or as we call it in our house... Little hear goes!
The partridge in a pear tree stands for Jesus
Two turtle doves are the Old and New Testaments
Three French hens are Faith, hope and love
Four Calling birds are the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John
Five golden rings are the first five books of the Old Testament
Six geese a laying are the six days of Creation
Seven swans a swimming are the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit: Prophesy, Serving, Teaching, Exhortation, Contribution, Leadership and Mercy
Eight Maids a milking are the eight Beatitudes
Nine Ladies dancing are the nine fruits of the Holy Spirit: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self control
Ten Lords a leaping are the Ten Commandments
Eleven Pipers Piping are the eleven faithful disciples
Twelve Drummers Drumming are the twelve points of the Apostles Creed

This Christmas Carol was made up in England when Catholics weren't allowed to practice their faith for fear of persecution and this helped teach the children their Catechism...maybe you will look at this song in a very different way...I know I always have!

Back to my music...until next time...enjoy the day, my friends!!


Christine said...

How interesting as I'd never heard this before!
Enjoy your music!

deb said...

I never knew it!!!!!

blessedmom's simple home said...

Thank you so much for sharing :) I don't think I'd ever heart this before.

TheCrankyCrow said...

I just read this on someone else's blog - I never knew this either (and I thought I was the keeper of strange information!) Makes the song all the more special - I'll never hear it the same way again! Thanks for sharing. Happy, happy Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

Traci said...

I love Christmas music too. It's all I've been listening to. I had no idea that's what the 12 days of Christmas meant. I hope that doesn't make me a bad Catholic! I didn't grow up Catholic but went through RCIA before Dean & I were engaged. I'll never hear this song without thinking of this. Thanks for sharing.

Sue (Someone's Mom) said...

I have Christmas music going all the time now...I love it. I've never heard this before, very interesting. I love to learn something new!

Beverly said...

I have never read that before. Thanks for sharing. I am going to print it off for my granddaughters. They love to sing that song.
Sorry I haven't been here in so long.
I'm off to read some posts of yours I've missed and look at all your pretty bags.
Have a blessed Christmas.

Siobhan said...

I've heard that story about the song before--makes it that much more special!